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{elder strength} look at me look at me
[ ... (alix sits. Alix glances around in a pissed of manner.)





Yeahs whatevs, tag to your hearts content, because fuck yeah laceurs. ]
09 May 2011 - [ text ]
Drawing - Neutral.
Hello, Laceurs. How's everyone holding out?

I've been thinking. I have a little bit of money saved up now, and a job. I could probably pay for rent or a cheap motel room or something for a while. This would be easier if I could find a roommate to split the cost with. Is anyone interested? I'm pretty quiet, and will clean up after myself and you if you wanted me too. I was thinking of a place in Vero, but I'm open to whatever we might find. I just miss having a door and a bathroom. I'd rather not live alone, too.
28 Apr 2011(no subject)
[It's been a long time! But Kaile just looks tired. She got called home unexpectedly, and upon the family emergency that followed, she got very tied up with taking care of the people who kicked her out in the first place.

She's now a motherless girl, you understand.

In any case, she's only now gotten home to the shop, which is dusty and cobwebbed and nothing she's particularly excited about returning to. She's thinner than when she started, and her expression looks like she might be barely holding it together, but she's still Kaile, evidenced by her quick shift of expression to a neutral, patently false smile.]

Ah, I'm... sorry if anyone was worried. I've been... well, up-district. A family thing, you understand.

Anyone whose appointments I had to cancel, please, let's reschedule.

...How has everyone been?
24 Apr 2011 - action
{stoic distrust} There is no beach here
[ literally standing in her room, looking around with a more or less extremely irritated look. and so, with a cross of her arms over her chest, she hisses through her teeth: ]

Wait, what the fuck? If someone doesn't tell me where my goddamn psychotic roommate is I am going to flip my shit and gouge someones eyes out.

[ yyyeah she isn't taking this well. ]
she's not broken; she's just a baby
[ all you hear is a low growl. seriously. ]

Where is she.

[ LMFODSPJFV yeah welp! yvonne is. gone. orz. byebye. ]
{stoic distrust} There is no beach here
[ AAWW YEAH, BIRTHDAY GIRL! But no seriously. April eight, birthday of that blonde bitch everyone hates. She's sitting in her 'room', smirking and sharpening her switchblade. ]

Aren't sixteenth birthdays supposed to be special or some stupid shit like that? [ she mutters with a twinge of amusement.

except you know, her 'best friends' (if they can even be called that) aren't here, so that sucks. but she's still got the mindlink, however weak it might be. urk.

so yeah. surprise her with a happy birthday or just a "FUCK YOU YOU'RE STILL UNDERAGE", cause either way she has no idea the feed is on. 8) don't be a stranger. ]
31 Mar 2011 - [action]
Drawing - Neutral.
[ Things are going a bit better for Jilles lately. It would have been difficult to be much worse than homeless, jobless and throwing up on the side of the street, but still.

With some help, he'd managed to get a job as a bouncer at some skeevy joint in Vero. Although he doesn't fit the "huge and macho" bill very well, he's done a decent job in that he hasn't been fired yet.

He's nearing the end of a bit of a long shift. Despite being pretty drained, he hasn't had the urge to stab anyone yet. ]
13 Mar 2011 - [ action ]
[Picture this.

You are the savior of some "doomed" planet (well, you're kind of the backup), and you've just wasted a week or two of your life trying to solve some mega equation. You solve said equation which, instead of saving the planet, covers everything in some red metal. The planet's inhabitants (those left alive, anyway) force you to check your math. You do.

And then you're in Laceurs!

This is stupid.

So Hyacinth is investigating Gastros, looking thoroughly indignant. She makes a conscious effort to
not touch anything, because everything is disgusting, and Hyacinth does not tolerate disgusting things. At least the bird people made an effort to tidy up their backwards desert world. This is a joke, and a bad one at that. If you ask her, Hyacinth would say she's not scared. She's "never" scared—but she is. She really is. Her stupid red glowing hands flicker in time with her heartbeat, but hopefully nobody knows that. It's not obvious or anything.

My god, this place is filthy.
11 Mar 2011 - action.
{spin} i don't want to think anymore
[ sitting outside of a rundown bar in Henle, drinking a glass of vodka and nursing a cigarette. Feels like home bro. She sighs and glances irritatedly inside, cause her drink is running a bit on the low side, and that's never good. ]

Bartender! [ she snaps out. irritated much? with another drag on her cigarette, she looks up into the sky, smiling very faintly. ]
09 Mar 2011 - [Text]
i was a courier where i came from i delivered things

i can do that for people here if they need it
payment can be negoseated
27 Feb 2011 - [ text/action ]
Drawing - Neutral.
[ Jilles has a new phone now, so he can annoy people with his needyness instead of his typing.

He can be found wandering around Secare, avoiding the stench in Hepatica and looking for something to do. ]

First of all, does this s*** happen often around here?

Second, anyone need help or anything? Preferably a paid job, but I'm too sick to be picky. I won't lie, I'm looking for some sense of accomplishment right now.

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

22 Feb 2011(no subject)
[ somewhere in the chaos of hepatica, there's a slightly damp woman curled up on an emergency stairwell, out of reach of the water - for now, anyway. she seems a bit shellshocked, and isn't moving, staring at the floodwaters with what looks like horror. ]

I... I was not expecting...
22 Feb 2011(no subject)
Just when everything looked like it was going smoothly down in Laceurs:


Hepatica is flooded! There is going to be a critical water shortage in the city for a couple of days and the government has decided to ration what water it still has. Sewage is going to start backing up without a proccessing plant to deal with it. Bottled water in stores will skyrocket in price in a matter of hours.

Construction teams are working with the Brunner staff to resolve the issue as soon as possible, but resolution will take up to a week. The city in that area will begin to stink as organic dead matter starts to rot. Eugh.
stop; please; just let me go
[ when she speaks, her voice is choked. YVONNE, WE DON'T CARE WHERE YOU ARE, YOU BETTER DAMN WELL GET THIS. ]

Y-Yvonne. If you wanted something like that you could've just - [ deep breath. ] Jesus. - Your cry for attention is admirable, if not odd, but was that really necessary?!

19 Feb 2011 - [text]
It's been a while since I've gone out for a run. So to speak, most of Secare is a place unsuitable for doing these kinds of things, but I did find a pretty decent spot after looking around a little in Nephros.

Would anyone like to join me? It's more fun to run in groups of more than one, and not to mention, it's less dangerous.
18 Feb 2011 - [text]
[This time Napoleon will actually attempt to be talkative! Really, he'll try! Sorry to Gioco for not replying, he's just an antisocial derp.]


Does anyone wanna do something? 'm not really working at the moment. 

I know of a good bar. Or three.
17 Feb 2011 - [text]
Drawing - Neutral.
14 Feb 2011 - [Text]

*Xander has been attempting to figure out the network. He's not doing the best of jobs...*

howdo#iu se thhis/?

*Perhaps its best if he just leaves it there.*
Drawing - Neutral.
[ This wasn't how things were supposed to work. When you nod off, you wake up in the same place you nodded off in. Maybe in the trunk of a car, if you were unlucky and had made the wrong enemies.

You don't wake up on some alien street with terrible air and no apparent sky.

But, unfortunately, this was how it was working for Jilles at the moment. It wasn't a situation he knew how to cope with. But there was something else off, too; besides just getting worked up, he felt... dizzy? No, not quite dizzy. He saw straight. He didn't have trouble standing up, or walking against the wall he's found himself next to.

He traced the wall with a gloved hand. The style was unfamiliar... what was familiar here? His person should be familiar, but it was off. He felt.. small. Still walking, he kicked an empty can he hadn't noticed until his foot hit it, and figured out the problem. Senses numbed.

Officially panicked, he felt sick, and rushed off.

He is currently on the side of a street in Gastros, still shaking, reeling over the receptacle he's just finished vomiting into. ]
10 Feb 2011 - I - Action
Ugh, Morons, Facepalm
*Xander was really quite confused as to how he ended up in a strange, apparently underground city. Going to sleep and waking up somewhere different wasn't supposed to work like this from what he understood--it was supposed to end up with one in chains or a cage, not free in a strange place. Since looking around had only served to get him lost, Xander couldn't help but wonder if it was just a really big cage.

Whatever it was, it was aggravating and horribly confusing...so Xander gave up on exploring for the moment. He turned instead to trying to watch the locals for clues.

He could currently be found in Pellucida, looking very lost and somewhat tired.*
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